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Links, Translations and Reviews

Fairplay at Spiel 06
Tara, Seat of Kings came 4th overall in the final voting on Sunday.
We had a score of 1.97 with 74 votes.

We will be at UK Games Expo May 31st and June 1st 2008.

Rules in other languages:

Translation by Yegor Sadoshenko.

Translation by Guglielmo "Guglia" Cinti. This is a pdf file and is from la Tana dei Goblin.

Translation by Ákos Tasnádi. This is a link to his website page with the rules in Hungarian.



Ben Baldanza's review for Counter Magazine, issue 36 (March 2007)

Tom Vasel has written a review on Board Game Geek.

Moritz Eggert has written an excellent, humerous and pastoral
Scenical Tour of "Tara, Seat of Kings"
in a forum on Boardgamegeek.

The Game Scape: a review by Mike Hibbert

Boardgame Geek

Review of Tara, Seat of Kings in German

Rick Thornquist has given his first impressions on

(click image for larger image)



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