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Trans Australia and Daffodil Line cover image

Snowdonia: Trans-Australian Railway
& The Daffodil Line

In Snowdonia: The Trans-Australian Railway expansion, 1-4 players help to complete one of the iconic transcontinental railways. Matching the route completed in 1937, players build from Sydney (my home town - Matt D) on the East to Perth in the West, requiring changes of rail gauge (sort of). The Trans-Australian Railway includes the longest dead-straight stretch of track in the world at 478km. Players have to make use of a new resource: water, which is scarce in this desert country, as well as coping with wild weather and the possibility of drought and flash-flooding. This advanced scenario, for 1-4 players, adds more variety to the weather, as well as introducing water as a valuable resource in the harsh climate of Australia.

With a little bit of space left in the 33-card deck template, the pack also includes a reprint of Snowdonia: The Daffodil Line for those of you unable to grab it back in 2013!

Designer: Matt Dunstan




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