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Guilds of London

Friday 7th October
is the last day for pre-orders.

Pre-order for collection at Essen.
Hall 2, Stand E119.

45 Euros. Pay on collection.

Pre-ordered games must be collected by
12 noon on Sunday 16th October.

Please order from your FLGS if in USA or rest of the world.


Snowdonia 2016 Goodie Pack

German language edition
with additional English rules and English cards
plus Trans Australia and Daffodil Line expansions and also Seasons promo cards.

£40.00 (including VAT and P&P)

Temporarily out of stock

Please email sales@surprisedstaregames.co.uk for prices and postage.

Trans-Australian Railway
& The Daffodil Line

Release: October 2015

Requiring changes of rail gauge (sort of). Players have to make use of a new resource: water, which is scarce in this desert country, as well as coping with wild weather and the possibility of drought and flash-flooding.

(including VAT)


Ivor The Engine

Beautifully-illustrated by Peter Firmin and charmingly-written by Oliver Postgate, the books and films of Ivor's adventures with dragons, choirs, circus elephants, sheep and snowdrifts have enchanted families for over 50 years.

Release: 31st May 2014

(including VAT)


On The Cards BoxartOn The Cards

The ever-changing trick-taking card game.

Released: October 2011

£7.00 (including VAT)




Coppertwaddle card game

£6 (including VAT)

(RRP = £9.95)



The mountain railway:
dig it, build it, climate!

Limited copies available at UK Games Expo 2016

1st Edition released: October 2012
2nd Edition released: October 2013

First Edition: Limited copies available at UK Games Expo 2016

Second Edition published by Indie Board and Cards.

Available from Coolstuffinc.com, Funagain, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Please also ask at your Friendly Local Games Store for a copy.


To order German language games please see Lookout Games


To order Italian language games please see U Play It uplay.it.



Limited First Edition Out of Print

Second Edition, by Gryphon Games, with expansion for 5-6 players, now available.

Sold Out

For non-UK sales please contact Gryphon Games


5-6 player expansion can be bought separately, but is not compatible with first edition Fzzzt!

Necropolis Line and Neuhauser Bockerlbahn Line expansion for Snowdonia (cards only).

Out of Print


3D wooden stacking game.
Limited Edition: only 500 copies.

Out of Print

Confucius board game

Sold Out

Paperclip Railways

The railway game where the trains are stationery.

Express edition: October 2011 Out of Print

Paperclip Railways

The railway game where the trains are stationery.

Brake Van edition: Out of Print

Paperclip Railways Express Edition: Upgrade Station Cards only - an expansion for Brake Van Edition.

Released: October 2011

Out of Print

Tara, Seat of KingsTara,
Seat of Kings

board game

Out of Print

Bloody LegacyBloody Legacy
card game

Requires 3 'life'
counters per player.

Out of Print

Scandaroon A card game, with a score board

Out of Print

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