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Mission Command

Mission Command is a set of World War Two wargaming rules for use with miniatures.

The Mission Command approach:

  • Captures the essence of tactical and operational combat command from roughly company level to army corps level without real warfare's bloodshed, fear, death and destruction.
  • Models the differences in how different armies fight.
  • Reflects WW2 practice of tactical and operational command, control and communications.

With Mission Command if you're handling a German Panzer Division, it will be a different experience from handling an equivalent Soviet, British or American unit. Command, control and communications is not as abstracted as in most modern wargames - no command dice, no PIPs and no artificial 'fog of war' mechanisms. Each command of company level or above is given orders at the start which can be modified later, but orders are brief. Fog of war, imperfect information and sometimes confusion emerge naturally as players attempt to fight in accordance with national doctrines and complex tactical situations.

The current version is an alpha prototype. There will be changes to the game as it develops further, and new versions of the rules and tables will be published here.

The purpose of the alpha release is to enable players and umpires to feed back their experiences, so that we can improve the game prior to launch of a beta prototype during 2016.

Please send any comments to alan@surprisedstaregames.co.uk.

Alpha release files

Book 1: Reference

Book 2: Umpire's Manual

Book 3: Player's Manual - Late War: Normandy

Introductory Scenario

Area Fire Template


These Play Aids are optimised for A4 backed printing and binding in a binder that has a margin taking some of the printing space.
Play Aid 1
Play Aid 2
Play Aid 3
Play Aid 4

For reports of games, see my blog at:

Mission Command is a prototype currently subject to rigorous playtesting under combat conditions!

Scenario 1: 21 Into 6 Won't Go?

Download the zip file here.

Permission has kindly been given by Helion & Co Ltd for printing for personal use of Mission Command playing groups of the jpg map "Location of the units of 21. Panzer Division immediately before D-Day" (filename: Map 3 21 Pz Deployment Caen and South.jpg). (c) Helion & Company 2014. Drawn by George Anderson. From "The Combat History of the 21. Panzer Division" by Werner Kortenhaus, ISBN 978-1-907677-71-7. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Helion & Co (www.helion.co.uk).

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