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FZZZT! Alternative Scoring Variant

Variant Electronic Rules for Systematic Utility of Symbols (VERSUS)

Click HERE to download some extra chits that you will need for the alternative VERSUS scoring variant. Simply print, stick them to some cardboard, cut them out and you're away.

In the VERSUS variant each multi-symbol robot is worth ALL the symbols for scoring instead of being allocated to just one Production Unit.

At the end of any auction in which a player wins a multi-symbol robot, that player takes the chits that correspond to each symbol on its card and places them face up in front of him or her. Players do not allocate multi-symbol robots to Production Units, but will use the chits instead.

Whenever a player has the opportunity to allocate one or more robot cards to Production Units, that player may allocate a single chit instead of any robot card that could have been allocated. Players may freely mix the allocation of single symbol robot cards and chits to any Production Unit. Each chit counts for scoring as if it were a robot card. Players cannot subsequently move an allocated chit from one Production Unit to another.

At the end of the game count the points for the multi-symbol robot cards, but do not allocate them to Production Units; use the chits instead.

Other game rules remain the same as the original version.



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