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Tara, Seat of Kings

Designed by Alan Paull, Tara, Seat of Kings is set in ancient Ireland, a land of intense competition as each rival petty king tries to unite the island, with himself as the Ard Ri or High King of Ireland. Each player strives to become High King by winning kingship in each of the ancient regions of the country, Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster.

Tara, Seat of Kings involves strategy, tactics, the application of limited resources and sometimes a little luck. Game pieces include a full colour board with high quality Celtic style artwork, a deck of specially designed cards, attractive 'cumal' tokens and wooden playing pieces.

Through the play of cards representing their supporters and the use of 'cumals' (a 'cumal' is worth three cows), players attempt to promote their followers from Farmers to Herdsmen, through Warriors to Chieftain and finally to the ruling King in the region.

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