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Clarification of the rules of the XVI Folio relating to the Modern card Mappa Mundi

Mappa Mundi is a promotional card and is not included in the standard Coppertwaddle card deck.

Mappa Mundi

Place Mappa Mundi, covered, in any vacant ditch in your opponent’s Domain. Draw a card from the Trumpet.

Noble and Peasant Threlm


Mappa Mundi is not one of the original Coppertwaddle cards, but a modern invention, produced specifically as an “unofficial” addition to the XVIth Folio. It has not yet been endorsed by the Society of Twaddlers. As it has a complicated effect and is also the only Threlm that is both a Noble and a Peasant, some clarification of interactions with other cards is needed.

Mappa Mundi can be played from your hand into any vacant ditch in your Domain, i.e. Peasant or Noble rank. However, because Mappa Mundi is a Noble and a Peasant simultaneously, it will be affected by Favours and Threlm abilities that affect Nobles and Peasants. For instance Glad Tidings would cover it, even if it were in the Noble rank.

Mappa Mundi reacts as follows with Of a Bastard Line and A Long Climb. If one of these Declarations is played on Mappa Mundi, then Mappa Mundi becomes a Threlm of that rank only, Peasant only if Of a Bastard Line is played, or Noble if A Long Climb is played. If its ability is played while Mappa Mundi has only one rank, then it can be placed only into a ditch of that rank. If the Declaration is removed, then Mappa Mundi reverts to having both ranks.



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