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Learned Articles

A Collection of Celebrated Writings on the Subject of Coppertwaddle from Learned Members of the Society of Coppertwaddlers

The Abbot's Puzzle
Being a concise exposition of The Abbot's Puzzle. Those attracted to The Abbot's Puzzle should be aware that The Abbot had possession of an edition of Coppertwaddle very close to that published by Surprised Stare Games.

Examining the Sequence
Federico S. Crousson explores the Abbot's Sequence and its relation to the Abbot's Puzzle.

Coppertwaddle: A Notation
A Reproduction of an early 20th century newsletter article by Sir Eugene Puse (Col. Rtd.) relating some methods for the recording of the game of Coppertwaddle.

Have You Anything To Declare?
Chandler Angrédénnes enquiries into the forms and usage of Declarations, and includes a play variant.

A Guide To Robbing
A look at how to rob Threlms from your opponent. Dr Neal Grancy explains the mechanics and divulges some tricks of the trade.

Lost at Sea
Notes drawn from the library of Bertram Lenguida on single-card strategic play of the Favour Land Ho!

Choisissez Une Carte
A description of the popular Gallic Coppertwaddle variant of the same name by Alain De Lups

The Gift
How to win by exchanging gifts between your Threlms; from an early 1980s archive by Fraser Chatsmith.

To the Four
Being a study of the integration of the Worcester Variant into the 16th Folio of Coppertwaddle by Esther Wafercoat (of The Worcester F.A.A.).

Suite Strategy
Further musings from the early 20th century newsletter articles of Sir Eugene Puse (Col. Rtd.)

Ode to a Dutchman's Folly
A Coppertwaddle poem from the pen of Robert of Mead, SV



Bloody Legacy / Confucius / Coppertwaddle / Fzzzt! / Guilds of London / Ivor the Engine / On The Cards / Paperclip Railways / Scandaroon / Snowdonia / Tara, Seat of Kings / Totemo

Surprised Stare Games Ltd.

Carrier Strike / Mission Command / The Cousins' War

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