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A Long Climb

An DECLARATION with relation to the appetence of and appliance towards the resolution of

A Long Climb

Place on any proud peasant Threlm; it is now a noble Threlm. Place it in any vacant noble Ditch in its Domain. If no noble Ditch in its Domain is vacant, discard it and this card

The selected Threlm moves from the Peasant Rank to a vacant Ditch in the Noble Rank; until the Declaration is removed, the Threlm is regarded as a Noble in all things.

Rule Clarification: If a Threlm is promoted or demoted, but there is no vacant ditch in its new Rank, it must be discarded. Equally, if a Threlm that is currently promoted or demoted in Rank loses the promoting or demoting Declaration then it must return immediately to its original Rank; if the original Rank is fully occupied when the Threlm is due to return, then the Threlm is discarded.