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Surprised Stare Games Ltd.

The History

The Cards


The Rules


The Hazelnut

An DECLARATION describing the sinister deeds and occurrences surrounding the appearance of

The Hazelnut

Place on any proud Threlm. If the Threlm becomes covered with The Hazelnut still upon it, discard them both.

"And the King struck the hazelnut full-square with the hammer and it did crack and shatter. The assembled company spied, amid the shell, a tiny figure - a man ! The man drew himself up to standing andlet out a cry - a shrill cry that shook the bones of those witnesses. The man, still screaming, did grow and grow until he reached the size of ordinary men, but a man he was not - for 'twas the Devil himself arrived in that room to steal the soul of the King, and that he did."

Covering a Threlm to use an ability while it has The Hazelnut upon it, will result in the Threlm being destroyed first and the ability NOT taking place.