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Hammer & Anvil

Hammer & Anvil

No Ability

Peasant Threlm


Hammer & Anvil is an unremarkable Threlm. It is, however, a member of a sub-group of Threlms within the game known as Symbolic Threlms and represents Blacksmiths, Metalworkers, and Weaponsmiths.

The childrens rhyme "No Blacksmithe" (reproduced here) was often written upon Hammer & Anvil as an "in-joke":

No blacksmithe means no shoes,
And no shoes will cripple horses.
If the horses they are lame
Then the nobles catch no game.
If no game is in the pie
Then the nobles they will die.
Let us get the blacksmithes ale-ing
So that in their work they're failing
And without recourse to axes
We'll avoid the sting of taxes !