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The Abbot

The Abbot


Noble Threlm


Other Names The Black Abbot
The Prostrate Abbot

In the first folio edition, the Abbot was not the only religiously-themed Threlm; he was partnered with Cloister (now obsolete) in a similar configuration as The Marriage (Old Hag and The Curmudgeon); their combined ability was to afford the other, when covered, a bonus of 3 Power.

The full name of this card was originally 'The Prostrate Abbot' due to the image of the bowed monk commonly included on the card itself. With the dissolution of the monastries under Henry VIII came the end of many of the clerical cards; religion was viewed with great disfavour among much of the nobility.

Sadly, only a few of those lost cards are known to the Society and include: Vespers, Cloister, and Apse.