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Q In other card games, I can do things in response to my opponent doing things, before they resolve. Can I do that in Coppertwaddle?

A. There are no timing rules in Coppertwaddle. All Threlm abilities and card effects happen before the next one is played, with one exception. The Coppertwaddle card can be played in response to any non-Threlm card (even in your opponent’s turn); it negates the effect of that non-Threlm card.

Q. What happens to a Threlm put into play AFTER I have played Dread of Night or Favour At Court - is it affected by these cards ?

A. No. Both Dread of Night and Favour At Court apply only to those Threlms in play when the card itself was played.


Q Can covered Threlms take part in a Robbing?

A No. All Threlms that take part in a Robbing, as Robbers or Defenders, must be proud. If a Threlm is covered during a Robbing, it is no longer involved in the Robbing.

Q If a Threlm declared as a Robber is covered (e.g. by Land Ho!), but then made proud again (e.g. by One Hundred Buttons), is it still a Robber?

A Yes. As long as it was initially declared as a Robber, a proud Threlm will still be a Robber when both players have decided not to play further abilities or Favours. It doesn’t matter if it was temporarily covered during the Robbing.

Q My opponent has 7 proud Threlms and is in her En Garde stage. If she plays another Threlm, can I play a Favour to stop her winning?

A No. In this situation you can only play a Favour (or use a Threlm’s ability) in the Challenging phase. This means that if she has a Threlm of the correct rank, she can play it and win the game. Note that there will be no Robbing stage in this turn, because she has no Ditch to place a robbed Threlm.

Q If a Robbing fails, can I try another Robbing straight away?

A No. You are only allowed one attempted Robbing per turn. If it fails, any proud Threlms remain proud, but you can’t try again till next turn.

Q Can I use a Threlm's ability more than once during a Robbing ?

A. Yes. All Threlm abilities require their Threlm to be covered in order to work, so if you use an ability and can then make the Threlm proud it is perfectly valid to cover it again for a new instance of that ability.


Q.Is it right that at the start of the game, players start with no cards in hand?

A Yes - pure Coppertwaddle play starts with empty hands. Players may OPTIONALLY, and if both agree, start with 4 cards each. However, players should note that this increases the luck in the game, as one player is more likely to be able to rob an early threlm.

Q Can I have more than 4 cards in my hand at any time?

A The only time that the number of cards in hand is checked is in the Respite stage, when you must discard any cards of your choice in excess of 4. You can have more than 4 cards at other stages, particularly if you play cards such as Two Swift Horses or Assizes.


Q If I play Favour at Court at the end of the game and I have 8 proud Threlms, do I add 8 points to my score? If so, isn’t Favour at Court rather a good card?

A Yes, you do, and yes, it is. However you do have to keep it in your hand to play it in this way, unless you are lucky enough to draw it very late in the game, and this will restrict your hand size effectively to three cards.

Q I know I can play Wind Threlms in my opponent’s Peasant Rank to limit his score. Can I play other weak Threlms in my opponent’s Domain to force him to win with a low score?

A No. Only Wind Threlms are playable in your opponent’s Domain. Other Threlms can be played only in your own Domain.


Q Can I use Wind Threlms in a Robbing?

A Winds can be chosen as Robbers, but because they only have power 0, this is very rare. Winds are not covered if they take part in a successful Robbing. Remember that Winds cannot themselves be robbed.


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