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Bloody Legacy

Game variants




Variant 6: Lords and Ladies!

The two 'After You' cards can only be passed to persons of the correct gender. This variant combines well with Free for All.

Variant 7: The Friendly Gardener!

If a player is hit by The Insane Gardener trap, turn up another card from the deck. If the card is a trick, the Gardener gives you one of his herbal remedies and you get one life token, rather than lose one. If the card is a trap, you lose a life token as in the standard game.

Variant 8: Packing more Punch!

For more than 4 players, consider using two packs of Bloody Legacy, rather than one. This combines well with Double Elimination.


Great Uncle Hesketh's mansion

Try these variants out for even more fun and mayhem. For total chaos combine two or three variants.

Variant 1: Die Harder!

Increase the hand size from 3 to 5 cards. Players are more likely to have access to tricks, so this variant will bounce traps around a lot more.

Variant 2: Free for All!

Tricks with a double arrow can be used to move a trap to any other player, not just to left or right.

Variant 3: Double Elimination!

Suitable for less than 5 players and if you want a slightly longer game, increase the terminal number of skulls from five to ten. No trap will kill immediately. This variant is not recommended with more than 4 players, because the number of traps will go down significantly towards the end of the round, which may make eliminating the last 2 or 3 players very difficult.

Variant 4: Pennies from Hesketh!

Use pennies (members of royal families should use golden sovereigns) as life tokens. When you lose a life, put a penny in the central pot. The winner keeps the pot.

Variant 5: Relatively Friendly?

In 'Relatively Friendly' you can play tricks on traps that are not aimed at you, in order to help other players. If a player is not able or does not wish to play a trick, he or she can ask for help. If more than one player wants to help out by playing a trick out of turn, then the player closest clockwise from the game box plays the trick.

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